We Are Experts

We prefer to convince with our work rather than with words. But in a nutshell: Reliable. Safe. Independent.

Experience meets Expertise

We combine years of research in the battery and cloud computing sectors with a widely branched network within the worlds of both scientists and practitioners. As a spin off from Fraunhofer, our young and innovative team is motivated to make battery diagnostics a commodity.

Teamwork at its best!

Volytica Team - Claudius Jehle

Claudius Jehle

10 years of experience
in Battery Diagnostics, System Modelling, Founding & Management
Volytica Team - Sebastian Stoll

Sebastian Stoll

14 years of experience
in Scalable Cloud Platform & Data Pipeline Development
Volytica Team - Lutz Morawietz

Lutz Morawietz

Head of Algorithm Development
17 years of experience
in Battery Testing & Experiments, Algorithm Development and R&D

Nicole Mattes

Head of Administration & Finance
10 years of experience
in Administration, Finance, Sales & HR

... and of course a Team of Experts at 2 Locations 

with a Battery, Data Science, AI, Cloud Platform Development and Product Background

Key Company Facts


First European E-Busses Monitored

volytica's predecessor research group at Fraunhofer monitored some of the first e-busses in Europe



Launch of First Battery Monitoring Platform

IVImon, the first version of today's vdx engine, is launched into pre-commercial operation by Fraunhofer IVI



Spinoff of volytica diagnostics

For further growth and industrialization, volytica is spun out of Fraunhofer Society as an independent company



Success Story!

With more than 20 experts in Dresden and Berlin, as well as more than ten international customers in the commercial and stationary industry

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