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We prefer to let our work speak for itself, but we’ll describe it in 3 words: Reliable. Safe. Independent.

Our Vision

…is that every battery will be used to its true potential.

Batteries play an integral – and growing – role in an electrified world. But they are also complex systems, vulnerable to degradation and performance changes. Our goal: Provide innovative solutions that make it easy to determine the battery’s condition.

On a Mission

At volytica, we have made it our mission to simplify the complexity of battery systems. Using the wealth of battery data available, our cutting-edge technology provides unrivaled insight to close the gaps in the power system and revolutionize battery diagnostics for all kinds of global applications.

We provide accessible and agnostic technology, empowering our clients to make conscious decisions for safe, sustainable, and efficient battery use.

Experience Meets Expertise

We combine many years of research in the field of batteries and cloud computing with an extensive network in the world of science and practice. As a spin-off from Fraunhofer, our young and innovative team is motivated to make battery diagnostics a standard tool accessible to everyone.

Teamwork at its Best!

Volytica Team - Claudius Jehle

Claudius Jehle

More than a decade of experience
in Battery Diagnostics, System Modelling, Founding & Management
Volytica Team - Sebastian Stoll

Sebastian Stoll

Almost two decades of experience
in Scalable Cloud Platform & Data Pipeline Development
Volytica Team - Lutz Morawietz

Lutz Morawietz

Head of Algorithm Development
More than two decades of experience
in Battery Testing & Experiments, Algorithm Development and R&D
Contact Nicole Mattes

Nicole Mattes

Head of Administration & Finance
More than a decade of experience
in Administration, Finance, Sales & HR
Contact Christin Lustik

Christin Lustik

International Marketing Manager
More than a decade of experience
in Marketing & Sales for Renewable Energy

Our Journey


2012 First European E-Buses Monitored

volytica's predecessor research group at Fraunhofer IVI monitored some of the first e-buses in Europe.


2017 Launch of First Battery Monitoring Platform

IVImon, the first version of today’s vdx engine, is launched into pre-commercial operation by Fraunhofer IVI.


2019 Spinoff from Fraunhofer IVI

For further growth and industrialization, volytica is spun out of Fraunhofer IVI as an independent company.


2021 First Large-scale Stationary Battery System

Successful onboarding of the first multi-megawatt power plant in the U.S.

2022 Cooperation Start with Mahle for Battery Health Quick Check via Charging Station

In addition to the OBD port, the charger plug will be used for battery diagnostics on electric vehicles.

2022 Largest Resale of Used Electric Buses at One Time in Europe

To minimize the economic risk of taking over 259 used BYD electric buses, TÜV Nord and volytica carried out a comprehensive and transparent battery assessment analysis.

2022 Co-operation with the German E-Truck Manufacturer FRAMO

Improved efficiency in diagnosing batteries in series of e-trucks.

2023 Outstanding Information Security Management

Achieving the ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management.

2023 Closing of €5.5M Investment Round Led by SHIFT Invest and EnBW New Ventures

Further investors include Dutch TN Ventures (VC firm of founders of e-bus management company ViriCiti), FTTF (Fraunhofer Technology Transfer Fund) and existing shareholders as Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) and Atlantic Labs.


2023 Realization of the First E-Bus Project in Latin America

Enel X selects volytica for dedicated power unit diagnostics of the largest electric fleet of e-buses in Latin America: Mexico City.

2024 Partnership with Bridgestone Webfleet

Setting new industry standards with its brand-new EV Services Platform including battery monitoring for effective fleet management.

2024 Collaboration with Enel Green Power

EGP is already using our predictive battery diagnostics software in five of its power plants.

Stay tuned ...

There is more to come!

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