Making Battery
Diagnostics Simple

We make automated battery analysis a commodity


Battery Diagnosis as a Service

We help you understand and interpret battery field data

We’ve specialized on field data evaluation of batteries. Our algorithms don’t need excessive initial training or lab tests – they take advantage of the abundance of information contained in real data.


Our partners share the same attitude, as most do collect all relevant data for degradation and safety analysis - but gaps and outages, low sensor quality and non-repetitive operation condition make field data evaluation particularly demanding.

We offer a cloud-based platform for battery diagnosis as a service. Use our APIs to easily integrate your raw data (or let us help you collecting it), we analyse it and hand the results back to you!

Battery Design Tools & Support

We merge operation profiles and cell characteristics

Both customers and manufacturers alike do want battery systems to survive at least the warranty period without featuring excessive and uneconomical safety and risk margins. But this design task is challenging: Both cell susceptibility information and future mission profiles have to be merged. We offer tools that support this design process by:

  • extracting the cell’s degradation susceptibility information from lab results and field data

  • incorporating transient and real-life operation conditions

  • calculation operation scenarios for lifetime prognosis


In combination with field data evaluation, our tools will help to make battery system more economic, only enabling a substantial market penetration and thus an ecological impact.

Image by Mario Sessions
Image by Carlos Muza
Image by Armando Arauz

Mobile and Stationary Battery System Manufacturers

We've specialized on midsized and large manufacturers especially in the stationary and non-car mobility market. From large stationary BESS, heavy duty and commercial vehicles like busses, trains and trucks over fork lifts to hand-held devices - we're open.

Third-Party Telematic Platforms

Our APIs are open for anybody who wants to generate value from battery field data. Fleet operators and end-customers have a legitimate interest in their assets' residual value - and open telematics platforms can proxy that information to them.

Risk Assessors

E-Mobility is a matter of trust in the future. Assessing, calculating and mitigating the risk of value decrease, 2nd-use applications and safety is key - we provide banks, lessors and insurances as well as technical inspection and certification authorities with the means to contribute to a cleaner future.



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