Image by Scott Graham

About Us

Our connections are what makes volytica unique. We combine years of research in the battery and cloud computing sector with a widely branched network within both worlds of scientists and practitioners. A network we are always looking to grow.

We believe that only full leverage of real, honest field data will lead to the economical and ecological breakthrough of electric vehicles and stationary systems. A transparent, live and reliable monitoring will enable crucial milestones like

  • enabling economical batteries tailored to the application’s lifetime requirements, without expensive excess safety buffers

  • by enabling end-customer friendly business models like renting, leasing and full service contracts

  • by bringing transparency, reliability and independent credibility to residual value determination and by that enabling a 2nd-use market

We assist in getting value out of raw data, as we draw from a treasure of experience of over 10 years of intense work with Li-ion battery applications – long before anybody was talking about it. The analytics and battery degradation algorithms, the telematics system and the Cloud computing platform have been in operation for over three years. We combine an interest in a cleaner mobility, years of technical experience and profound network of partners.

We’re independent, authentic and pragmatic brokers behind the scenes - yet we contribute with innovation, diligence and wit for setting the stage for a cleaner mobility.