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volytica and CarMedialab offer joint solution for battery monitoring in electric buses

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Dresden, May 2023

volytica diagnostics GmbH, an experienced software provider of battery diagnostics solutions, and CarMedialab GmbH, a leading global provider of charging management and vehicle monitoring applications for public transport and an init SE company, are pleased to announce that they have signed a binding agreement to further develop the condition monitoring of vehicle batteries.

With the global electric bus market growing at an unprecedented rate, customers worldwide have come to rely on turnkey solutions provided by market leaders. As the market expands, the need for transparency regarding the most critical wear parts of mobility turnkey solutions, such as batteries, becomes increasingly crucial.

volytica diagnostics GmbH ‘s cutting-edge battery diagnostic solution is designed to address this need, enabling fleet owners to monitor battery health and make well-founded decisions regarding battery maintenance and replacements.

Claudius Jehle, Managing Director of volytica, emphasises: “By working with CarMedialab, we aim to provide fleet owners worldwide with comprehensive insights to ensure optimised performance and increased safety”.

“Our collaboration will improve the seamless collection of battery data in electric buses to monitor vehicle health. The raw data will be transmitted to volytica, where it will be refined and analysed. With the returned results fleet owners are allowed to easily access and display this validated information within their existing monitoring systems”, explains Heiko Bauer, Managing Director of CarMedialab.

This cooperation will empower fleet owners with a range of benefits and use cases, including:

  • Minimising costs by monitoring warranty conditions.
  • Optimising vehicle availability by detecting battery anomalies and proactively addressing issues.
  • Enhancing fire safety by identifying potential risks and implementing preventive measures.
  • Reducing battery load to extend service life and maximise the return on investment.
  • Determining residual value accurately, enabling efficient fleet management and asset evaluation.

Additionally, volytica diagnostics GmbH and CarMedialab GmbH are actively exploring future initiatives such as warranty extension programs and insurance offerings, further enhancing the value proposition for fleet owners.

From June 4-7, 2023, you will find volytica at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit trade show in Barcelona at booth H1500 between Hall 6 and 7, and CarMedialab together with INIT Group in Hall 6 at booth C202.

Join Claudius Jehle, CEO from Volytica on Monday June 5th from 6.15 – 7.30pm at the Spotlight Forum B (Hall 6) session: Accelerating zero emission bus deployment II with a short presentation: “Empowering E-Bus Operators: Unleashing the power of battery diagnostics for a better efficiency and reliability”.

Heiko Bauer
Managing Director
CarMedialab GmbH

CarMedialab GmbH,
with over 20 years of experience as a telematics specialist in the automotive industry and the energy sector, brings unparalleled expertise in delivering software solutions for electromobility. Their broad range of services covers telediagnosis, smart charging and developer programs for automotive and mobile applications.

Claudius Jehle
CEO and Founder
volytica diagnostics GmbH

volytica diagnostics GmbH,
as a cleantech company based in Dresden, Germany is dedicated to revolutionising battery diagnostics by providing transparent insights into battery health. Their unique and scalable technology enables the analysis of field data transmitted from battery systems, unlocking valuable information regarding degradation, state of health, anomalies, safety risks, and state of charge.

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

voltyica diagnostics GmbH
Christin Lustik,
International Marketing Manager
Mail: christin.lustik@volytica.com
P: +49 1520 893 4823

CarMedialab GmbH
Cynthia Giuffrida,
Marketing Manager
Mail: cynthia.giuffrida@carmedialab.com
P: +49 (0) 7251-7240-0

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