December 12, 2023 // Press Article // EN

Enel X selects volytica for dedicated battery diagnostics in electric buses.

In an exciting new collaboration aimed at redefining the landscape of electric bus fleet management, volytica proudly announces it will be partnering with Enel X. The collaboration will start off with the deployment of the largest electric fleet of E-busses in Latin America, showing the transformative capabilities Enel X and volytica’s software solutions provide. Introducing an innovative battery diagnostics system (BDS) for real-time monitoring, this strategic alliance establishes a groundbreaking standard for operational efficiency, sustainability, and transparency within the electric transportation sector.

Embarking on a significant initiative, the upcoming project is poised to make its debut in Mexico City, showcasing Enel X’s leadership in the electrification of urban transportation. In February 2023 the city’s transport authority, Metrobús set the stage for a sustainable and efficient future with the deployment of 51 new buses on Line 3.

This collaboration will not only allow to enhance the performance of the batteries and, in turn, the operational efficiency of fleets, but also to implement predictive maintenance measures and possibly extend the life cycle of the batteries. Additionally, it involves investigating potential second-life applications, such as repurposing batteries for renewable energy projects or integrating them into electric grid stabilization systems.

Bringing our battery diagnostics system into this transformative collaboration with Enel X is exciting for the whole team. We are proud that the decision to partner with us was motivated by our extensive experience and the seamless integration of battery KPIs into Enel X digital dashboard, as well as advanced functionalities like a system of notifications and alerting. This emphasizes our joint commitment to ensuring the reliability and longevity of electric bus fleets”, says Claudius Jehle, CEO, and founder of volytica.

Through the strategic integration of volytica’s battery diagnostics system, the public transport operator (PTO) gains the ability to proactively execute predictive maintenance, effectively averting unplanned downtime. The solution not only addresses abnormal battery behavior but also promotes transparency in asset status and offers insights for preservation and performance enhancement.

The project marks a successful combination of Enel X’s mission for fleet electrification and volytica’s commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of public transport. It will pave the way for similar projects all over the world, serving as a proof of concept for municipalities looking to cost effectively shift their public transit systems to low carbon sustainable alternatives.


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