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A fully automated tool to reduce the complexity of ever larger battery portfolios – from renewable energy supply to e-mobility.

Guiding you from volts to value.

Your Automated Battery Protector

Our advanced monitoring feature consolidates the flood of information, alerts and health-metrics generated by our core products. The vdx sentry continuously and clearly categorizes this data into three basic risk categories:

Enhance Safety Protocols

Proactively monitor and address safety concerns

Save Costs

Optimize performance with real-time insights

Maximize Performance & Longevity

Extend the lifespan of your assets

By utilizing the complete battery memory, data from similar systems, and volytica's extensive experience, the vdx sentry provides a comprehensive assessment of battery status.

The Latest Evolution of Battery Protection

The vdx sentry is the latest evolution of our battery diagnostics platform, refined and fine-tuned over more than a decade. With the easy-to-use traffic light system, the vdx sentry provides reliable and actionable recommendations for maintenance and operation teams to ensure your battery systems always function at their best.

As a fully automated companion for large and complex battery portfolios, the software guides you on your journey towards a sustainable, green future.

The Traffic Light System:




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