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May 30, 2022 // Announcement // DE

Handelsblatt Nutzfahrzeugtagung

Claudius Jehle nimmt an der Handelsblatt-Jahrestagung "Nutzfahrzeugte 2022" teil. Thema der Paneldiskussion ist "Digitalization in Vehicle Financing: New Opportunities for E-Mobility". Sie findet am 21. Juni 2022 um 12.15 Uhr statt. Diskussionspartner ist Frank Czarnetzki, Geschäftsführer, MAN Financial Services.
volytica solutions
May 15, 2022 // Announcement // EN

19 May 2022: joint webinar organised by Sustainable Bus

Webinar on the economics of zero emission buses. Costs, trends and tools to support the transition.
May 14, 2022 // Exhibition // EN

volytica auf der EES vom 11.-13. Mai in München

Big hands and champagne to our brave and hardworking sales & business development team at the ees - electrical energy storage, which took place this week from 11-13th May in Munich.
May 5, 2022 // Press Article // DE

volytica at the EES from 11-13 May in Munich

Batteriespeichersysteme sind für langfristige Emissionssenkungen unerlässlich. Die Etablierung universeller Standards und Transparenz-Verpflichtungen sind weitere wichtige Schritte, um die notwendige Sicherheit in der Energieversorgung zu gewährleisten. Claudius Jehle, CEO des Batteriediagnoseunternehmens volytica diagnostics und Charley Grimston, CEO des britischen InsurTech-Unternehmens Altelium fordern geschlossenen Branchenrückhalt.
May 2, 2022 // Announcement // EN

Enspired Webinar: The Rise of Batteries

A 360 degree view from asset development to continuous intraday trading.
volytica diagnostics
April 29, 2022 // Exhibition // EN


On 28th April our CEO Claudius Jehle has spoken at a BUS2BUS panel discussing green energy horizons in local transport: how does the transport system change as a result of battery-powered motors?

Our Solution

As an independent software provider, we make the battery as the most expensive part of a vehicle or a storage system transparent. By unlocking valuable information in the field data that continuously accumulates during daily system operation, we enable our customers to develop more economical battery systems, reduce operational risks and establish second-use concepts. Our technology not only enables live monitoring of batteries, it also offers the possibility to assure the safety and quality of any battery.

Developed for the
Developers of the Future

Within the industry, we combine the most years of research in the battery and cloud computing sector. Our team of experienced experts bring transparency to the single most expensive system component, the battery. Basically, we function as independent, authentic and pragmatic brokers behind the scenes.

More than 10 years of R&D experience

Independent long-term partners

Technology agnostic

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