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Industries - Fields of Value Creation

The necessity of battery  diagnosis is widely recognized within a broad range of industries. The majority of companies find themself caught with the question of make or buy the technology, which is crucial to them because of their size and the investment attached to the answer.

Battery System Manufacturers & OEMs

We believe that the system manufacturers are in a pole position to unlock the hidden potentials of batteries. High warranty risks, competitive pressure and a vision for a greener future make for the perfect starting situation.

All parties along the value chains are forced to act due to the growing demand for sustainable transportation modes. Our customers accept the challenge even though the future is uncertain and reliable data is hard to find. We want to support Battery System Manufacturers and OEM's who want to drive change actively.

We make battery diagnostics an industrial commodity!


Stationary Storage - the bigger, the better 

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The global energy demand may grow another 25% in the next two decades!

Wind and solar energy are not available around the clock everywhere in the world but consumption never stops.


Fossil fuels are not the technology of the future. Water, wind and sun are - but their shortcoming is that the energy they generate requires storage space. To meet our daily energy needs in the future, producers need reliable data on the storage system's health.

Industry Equipment -  sound of silence

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E-Mobility is not cars only - Industrial Mobility will become increasingly electrified in the following years for good reasons. 

Electric vehicles not only produce less carbon dioxide, but they also emit less noise. It is for that and other good reasons that various industrial mobility aspects will profit from the increasing and readily available battery systems. Where rental and leasing solutions are key already now, field data monitoring will help distribute such innovative approaches.

We help you to deliver them!