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Battery Diagnostics 2.0: volytica launches product feature ‘vdx sentry’ for greater reliability and safety in energy supply

Dresden, 12.06.2024 — volytica diagnostics, a pioneer in the development of cloud-based battery diagnostics software, launches its new product feature ‘vdx sentry‘ for more safety and reliability in the operation of batteries in large storage systems and in e-mobility.

According to the EU Commission, up to 800,000 jobs along the entire battery value chain cannot be filled. At the same time, the battery portfolios of stationary energy storage, fleets, and vehicles are growing at double-digit rates — and with this comes the effort of keeping the batteries safe and reliable. The vdx sentry is a further addition to volytica’s battery diagnostics platform, which has undergone over a decade of development. As a fully automated overseer of increasingly large and complex portfolios, the vdx sentry accompanies customers on their way to a green future. The monitoring function bundles the flood of information, notifications, and health data that modern diagnostic programs such as volytica’s core products constantly generate. These values are then continuously and clearly sorted into three basic risk categories: Performance, Safety, and Lifespan. Alongside this, the entire history of the battery as well as information from similar systems and volytica’s full decade of experience are considered. Specific instructions for maintenance and operations personnel are also provided.

vdx sentry word trademark
For the vdx sentry logo, we have mirrored our volytica logo and superimposed it to create a lightning bolt and a seeing eye.

With over 10 years of experience in IoT-based analysis and evaluation of battery degradation processes, volytica offers remote diagnosis, predictive maintenance, and safety concepts for large storage batteries, such as those used in photovoltaic and wind power plants as well as in electromobility.

As an independent software provider, volytica gathers valuable insights from field data that are collected during daily system operation. An additional core service offered by the company is battery diagnosis ahead of the commissioning of battery energy storage systems (BESS).



CEO Claudius Jehle
Claudius Jehle, CEO & Founder

“Our analysis software is just as relevant for a smooth, safe, and economical operation as it is for the long-term planning of replacement, new procurement, and continuous use. We support our customers through the entire length of the project, in some cases right from the planning stage. We are proponents of “prevent instead of repair” and guarantee reliable fault detection with 100% inspection depth, resulting in enormous savings potential,” commented Claudius Jehle, CEO of volytica. The battery analysis software helps to bring greater cost efficiency to the operation of battery systems, minimize operational risks and enable second-use concepts. The latest product innovation ‘vdx sentry’ also supports operators by proactively monitoring and handling safety issues, optimizing performance through real-time insights, and extending the service life of the systems.

Discover the newest product highlights from volytica at the ess Europe / Intersolar 2024 at Stand B2.372.

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